Fiverr  cartoon voice gigHiring freelancers to make content for your games can get expensive. Custom artists, sound effects artists and vocal talent can charge upwards of $50 an hour and more. Often there just isn’t room for that in the budget. Since we discovered about a year ago, we’ve found more and more gems hidden away there that have helped us trim the budget. Here’s 5 great ways to stretch five bucks in

Custom Cartoon Vocals

Chris Hardy’s gig is an outstanding value. If you need a custom comical voice, this gig is a truly great deal. Chris will also write jokes for you and he’s able to do a very wide variety of comical voices. Voice often starts at $50 an hour and goes up from there..especially with voice talent with a personality. This gig can be a serious money saver! Click here to check it out!

Logo Design

Logo design can be expensive. Most of us know we’re not going to be the next Microsoft or Apple and budgeting hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for a logo is out of the question. Fiverr has a large number of highly recommended gigs for making logos for five bucks. Since it’s so cheap, you can even do a few logo gigs and pick the best one. One word of caution, some logo creators search stock sites like and rip off the logo concepts. It’s hard to guard against this unless you want to compare your logo against various logo sites. For this reason it’s worth sticking to the more recommended logo gigs. Click here to see a list of logo creation gigs.


Programmers can get very expensive. This can be especially true when you have a small task because programmers like to charge a minimum amount whenever they can. When you’re in a situation like that consider checking out fiverr’s programming section which has gigs for most popular programming languages. As usual you’ll want to be careful by selecting a gig with a lot of past and recent feedback and 99%+ gig ratings and make sure your task is as clear as possible.

Another scenerio in which fiverr programmers can be handy is if you have purchased some code from something like and you just need some small modifications. Fiverr programmers can typically be useful in a situation like that. Just be clear about the fact that they won’t be licensed to use the code themselves. Click here to check out Fiverr’s programming gigs.¬†¬†Note that if there isn’t a heading listed for the programming language you want, just type in the language name in the search. For example, if you need an ActionScript 3 programmer, do a search for Actionscript 3.


When you launch a new game it doesn’t hurt to give it a quick traffic boost. Link Wheel and Twitter post gigs probably aren’t worth even the $5, but selective blog posts, if they are reasonably related to the subject matter of the game or promotion, can be worthwhile enough. Facebook features tend to be hit or miss, but when a Facebook Fan page is related to your game or promotion (or if your Facebook Fan page is where your game or promotion is located) it can help to boost likes and sharing to pay for some features via fiverr gigs.

Facebook Like gigs can help you to bump your fan page over the 30 fans mark so that you can remove numbers after your Facebook fan page’s name for the link and have the fan page appear in Facebook search results. Going for gigs that promise thousands of likes might flag Facebook’s attention. It’s usually better to use the gigs that don’t use bots and that promise 50-150 likes just to get you over the 30 likes bump quickly. Click here to check out Fiverr’s Traffic options.


Unless you have a friend in the legal profession, getting some “quick” legal advice can be expensive. There’s usually no such thing as 15 minutes of a lawyer’s time. When you need clarification on a clause of a contract or some quick wording for a terms and conditions clause for your site, fiverr can be a great place to turn to for legal services on the cheap! There are gigs for writing privacy policy, answering questions on trademarks, and even gigs for filing for patents. When you need a little legal help, it’s worth a search in Fiverr’s Legal Consulting department.

Fiverr is a admittedly a great place to essentially throw five bucks down the toilet. When using Fiverr you want to be careful. The great thing about Fiverr is you don’t have to pay if they don’t come through for you. When using Fiverr always check for a high gig rating and a lot of recent positive feedback. Don’t let one or two negative feedback/reviews stop you. It’s worth looking back to see if the negative rating was due to a misunderstanding. Getting something of value for $5 is usually a good deal, but some people want a lot more value from their five bucks than anyone has a right to expect. Careful usage of Fiverr can save a lot of money and provide a lot of value for minimal investment. Happy hunting!