One of the more effective uses of Flash games on the web is for education. In this series of articles I’m going to show you how easy it is to customize Flash games into making them educational. Probably the easiest way to turn a game into an educational game is to integrate a quiz into the game. The upside of quiz games is that it is relatively easy to come up with the educational content for the games and it usually takes little imagination in terms of how to implement it. The downside is that it is all too easy to lose the fun factor in a quiz game. Let’s talk about how to avoid that.

Quizmaker game from Games in a FlashOur most straightforward quiz game at Games in a Flash is our Quizmaker game. Quizmaker is a standard quiz engine. The game player is given text questions and they give back text answers. A quiz game like this is little more than all those test we all took back in school. Our Quizmaker game does add the exciting and dramatic addition of a little face that reacts positively or negatively when you get the answer right or wrong, but apart from that..there’s precious little in the quiz game that could be called “fun” –which makes it only technically a game.

Even though a quiz game isn’t very exciting it does in fact turn out to be one of our top selling games. When you’re contemplating making a custom game, there’s a lot of things that vote for a quiz game:

  • It’s easy to imagine coming up with the quiz data for the game (the quiz questions and answers)
  • There’s not much art for the game, so you know that won’t break the budget or affect the deadline
  • A quiz game is easy to get approved by conservative “powers-that-be”
  • A quiz game is easy to re-use for other projects down the road
The trouble with quiz games, however, is that it’s all too easy to create boring quiz games that don’t succeed in teaching the content. While you can get creative about the quiz programming, which we’ll talk about in other articles, the easiest (and often most effective) way to make a quiz game compelling is through good writing.┬áCheck out the video above for tips and examples for how to write great quiz games and you’ll also find a great discount for Quizmaker at the end of the video!